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Visual Merchandising Workshop

Retail stores are the stage for products, and to ensure the product shines and customers find what they are looking
for, retail space needs to fit and display products in the best way possible.
A Visual Merchandising Program including 4 interactive workshops and 1 on site consultation was held during September and October. Facilitated by Simona Jobbagy of JS Artline, the program offered participants an understanding of product presentation through class discussion and
demonstrations, with a focus on special events (Christmas).
In addition, participants had an opportunity to assess and evaluate their Visual Merchandising practices and develop an improvement plan.

Roslyn Salisbury and Julie Barnes from Sunup, a swim wear shop located in Brand Smart Outlet Mall in Nunawading thoroughly enjoyed the program.
“It was a great opportunity to see your store through the eyes of your customer. Your window display presentation reflects your whole store. Simona’s ideas were effective, easy to implement and inexpensive”.

Your House Gifts and Décor
Angela Ziemann from Your House Gifts and Décor, a home and giftware shop located next to Forest Hill Shopping
Centre was another participant of the program.
“My ideas were becoming stale and I really needed to look at my window displays and store layout with a fresh pair of eyes. Simona’s onsite consultation was just what I needed and she came up with some effective product presentation ideas – and I have the sales results.”

Source: Down to Business, 2006 Whitehorse Business Week publication.
For details of the business training
program for 2007, go to www.wbiz.com.au.

About Us

More than just
"window dressing" to visual merchandising

Visual Merchandising or VM is becoming more and more important in giving your store a competitive edge, since many stores share merchandise sources and therefore carry similar items.

The difference is HOW merchandise is presented.

We can:

  • evaluate and improve your existing store
  • advice on latest trends and developments in VM
  • provide interior design consultancy
  • educate your staff through workshops and presentations

Maroondah Business Week
The Window to your Business -
Visual Merchandising for Xmas displays

This presentation aims to increase awareness of the importance of Visual Merchandising in retail, with the focus on special events. Christmas is a time when all retailers join in the celebration and feel the need to bring out the tinsel. Christmas trees and baubles appear in abundance through shopping centres and suburban shopping strips. What sets YOU apart from the rest?

Simona Jobbagy from JS Artline will presenting this workshop. Simona has an Interior Design Diploma from Europe, a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design and is Course Coordinator for Visual Merchandising at Swinburne University.

Source: Maroondah Business Week

For business training details go to: www.bizmaroondah.com.au .


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